Vallejo Ferries

Vallejo Ferries

There are four Vallejo Ferries that service the ferry commute from Vallejo to San Francisco and from San Francisco to Vallejo.

The four high speed Vallejo ferries are:

  1. M/V Vallejo
  2. M/V Mare Island
  3. M/V Intintoli
  4. M/V Solano

M/V Vallejo
The M/V Vallejo is Vallejo’s original Jet Cat ferry that has undergone several overhauls and enhancements. Currently this boat has a passenger capacity of 267 riders. This is the boat that regular commuters love to complain about due to it’s very tight seating. However the M/V Vallejo seems to be the most reliable ferry in the fleet. It also is a bit slower than the other boats and typically operates at 34 knots.

M/V Mare Island and the M/V Intintoli
The M/V Mare Island, and the M/V Intintoli are sister ships, and are 34 knot, 320 passenger catamaran boats.

M/V Solano
The M/V Solano is the newest ferry of the bunch is speedy, and much less polluting than the other three ferries.

All of these boats have been enhanced from time to time with new features, and they have also had some pretty severe growing pains. Some of the boats went back to the shipyard for overhaul and upgrades, but came back with extremely nasty smelling ventilation where it seems that sewage fumes were directly piped back into the cabin. They’ve improved this situation here and there, but some days it still smells of excrement and cabbage. That’s pretty nasty.

M/V Vallejo - BayLink Ferry
M/V Vallejo – BayLink Ferry
M/V Intintoli Vallejo Ferry
M/V Intintoli Vallejo Ferry

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