Vallejo Ferry Schedule – Winter 2019-2020

The Vallejo Ferry Schedule changes three or four times a year. It’s good to make sure you are looking at the current ferry schedule.

The Vallejo Ferry Schedule for Winter 2019-2020 is available here as a pdf file, and here as a .png file.

VALLEJO / SAN FRANCISCO ROUTE Schedule Effective November 4 – April 26, 2020

Vallejo to San Francisco Ferry Schedule – Winter 2019-2020 PDF Download (79kb)
vallejo ferry schedule winter 2019-2020
vallejo ferry schedule winter 2019-2020
Often a ferry schedule will change with little to no notice. This generally due to a ferry break down, a ballgame that can disrupt the normal schedule due to a huge influx of non commuters arriving during the morning Vallejo to San Francisco Ferry Commute or the afternoon San Francisco to Vallejo commute. In most cases it pays to get to the Vallejo and San Francisco ferry early, often joining a line of folks anticipating a full ferry during the commute Vallejo ferry schedule. According to Baylink riding the ferry is a first come, first serve basis. This is true if you have no ticket or a pre-paid ferry monthly pass. The Vallejo ferry parking lots often fill up, so again it pays to get there early.

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