A Message to Our Vallejo Riders

Just got this email from the San Francisco Ferry folks. Ouch. That was one miserable ride I’m sure.

A Message to Our Vallejo Riders

A Message to Our Vallejo Riders
I am writing to apologize to you for the delay and inconvenience that you experienced Monday evening when the M.V. Intintoli’s two main engines went off line enroute to Vallejo, resulting in a significant delay in your return home. This was an extraordinary circumstance and we are working closely with our operator, Blue & Gold Fleet and the engine manufacturer, to determine what happened with the vessel, how we can prevent a recurrence, and what procedures we might change to more effectively respond to such a situation in the future. We will provide an update to you once the cause of the problem is determined and a return to service date for the vessel is set.

A number of riders have asked why it took so long to secure a tugboat to bring the Intintoli to Vallejo. Upon loss of the second engine the Captain’s priority was to anchor the vessel safely and make appropriate calls to the US Coast Guard and shoreside staff. Following these steps the Captain began working with our landside engineering staff to troubleshoot the problem, while our shoreside operations staff was working to identify options for getting you home safely. As soon as it was determined that a tugboat would be needed (at approximately 6:35 PM), the operations staff began contacting a number of tugboat operators. Five tug operators were called, and fortunately an available tugboat was finally found in Richmond that provided for the quickest response. The tugboat departed Richmond at 7:30 PM arriving at the Intintoli at 8:00 PM. It then took approximately 20 minutes to secure the tug to the ferry and make preparations to depart the scene. The Intintoli and tugboat, traveling at 5 knots, arrived at Mare Island at 9:45 PM.

We realize that this made for an extremely long trip home Monday and we apologize for this inconvenience. We sincerely appreciate your patience during the trip, and all that it entailed. Thank you for your patronage and understanding.


Nina Rannells
Executive Director

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