People Getting Left at the Dock

I am getting many complaints a week from steady ridership and monthly pass holders about them getting left at the dock in Vallejo and in San Francisco. We are also seeing a lot of complaints about the parking lots filling up, and folks not being able to find parking for the day, and as a result getting tickets. Emails to the City of Vallejo, and to the San Francisco Ferry are not being answered.

How to contact the people in charge:

San Francisco Bay Ferry
c/o Water Emergency Transportation Authority
Pier 9, Suite 111, The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94111

Or by phone: (707) 64-FERRY or (707) 643-3779 or Toll Free at (877) 643-3779
Monday through Friday 5:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturdays and Sundays 6:30AM to 5:30PM

For free language assistance in Spanish/Traditional Chinese, call 415-705-8291
免費的中文協助請致電 415-705-8291
Ayuda gratuita con el idioma en español 415-705-8291

There is a customer contact form here:

But I have had zero luck in getting my inquiries answered.


I emailed Carmen Cole today and on the 4th of November regarding
parking lots being full for commuters. I had to park in the back,
where overflow parking use to be, but now have 3 hour postings. I
don’t want to get a ticket and if I do, I’ll fight it and won’t pay. I
am a monthly permit holder as well. There needs to be some exceptions
with customers that have monthly permits.

Also, today I couldn’t even get on the 8:45am bus departure to SF. Apparently there was a field trip for some kids. And they didn’t have a spare bus to accommodate. Hence the reason why I took the 10am ferry.


Tuesday 11/10/15: This morning the 8:45 bus left us regulars due to not organizing kids in a field trip to take the 10:00 a.m. ferry. This is happening a lot lately and we regulars end up catching the later boat. We need to be at work on time. Catering to field trips/tourist than regular commuters is unacceptable. There’s no extra bus provided every time this chaos happens. Changing the 9:30 ferry to 10:00 a.m. winter schedule is also unacceptable.

Please provide a map shows the overflow parking area.
It’s not fair to collect parking fee with no available spots, riders don’t know where to park and may get tickets for parking in a wrong spot.

I received two citations in the month of July for the same issue. The citations claimed I had not paid for parking when in fact I had. The machines permit use of your VIN number and do not necessarily require your license plate. So I used my VIN as I had done for several month prior as I recently purchased a new vehicle. I have submitted my receipts to dispute the citation providing evidence of payment. It is now October and the disputes are STILL pending with no resolution eminent and no one really to speak to . This is ridiculous! If I paid my monthly fee why should I have to pay a citation that is not legitimate? I am happy to pay the appropriate monthly rate but I do not like be conned or duped. The parking system is garbage. The process for administering payment and resolution of citations leave a lot to be desired. Clearly reflect lack of inadequate leadership and structure. There should be an office at the City hall to address these issues so that you do not have to go to unreasonable lengths to seek resolution. PLEASE HELP!!!

This week Sept. 22nd we arrived at around 9:15 am and couldn’t find any parking whats so ever even after going around all the lots and the city lot was full. Is the Bart strike effecting parking ?

Had my rear window broken into on Friday when I arrived back from San Francisco. So frustrating that regardless of inside or outside the security measures are not taken seriously. As paid parking patrons we should have consistent security in place to make sure the commuters and visitors are not coming back to vandalized vehicles. In addition, when vehicles are vandalized the glass is left sitting in the parking lot for weeks causing additional hazards.

Since the Vallejo parking lot is becoming more overcrowded lately, it’s probably best for Vallejo City Official to think about making more parking levels to accommodate paying customers. Where is all the money going to that we pay for parking spaces, ferry passes, etc.? Construction work should begin soon since it takes time for a parking lot to be built. Hopefully, leaders of Vallejo can step in and make it happen. No more excuses, but action would be nice. People have a time limit to board the ferry , and can’t stress over parking spaces, getting citations, or a malfunction machines. Do we have wait almost 20 years just like the deserted Navy Mare Island base? It would’ve been nice if the leaders voted on the huge Vegas Style Casino that would’ve brought much needed revenue to the deserted Mare Island Base in Vallejo still to this day, no action. MAKE IT HAPPEN TODAY, STOP THE EXCUSES OF BANKRUPT AND WEAK LEADERS WHO ARE LEADING VALLEJO!!! THANKS FOR YOUR TIME.

I received a citation for $43.00. After trying for two weeks to pay for a monthly at the above ground kiosks I am so disgusted at the way this is being handled. This also happened back in June or July. . I did not check online or this website to get instructions. In the mornings I am out the door expecting kiosks to works when I get there .. .So, instead of $20 dollars it will cost me $63. Should I protest the citation ? Should I file a claim against the city?. Someone should have put a notice ON THE MALFUNCTIONING KIOSKS ADVISING PEOPLE TO GO TO THE WEBSITE OR THE TERMINAL!! Yet, the police are cruising the parking lots & THEY SHOULD HAVE PUT NOTICES UP INSTEAD OF ISSUING CITATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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