Vallejo Ferry Parking Lot Permit Difficulties

Vallejo Ferry Parking Lot Permit Difficulties

From the City of Vallejo:

It has come to our attention that the parking kiosks in the surface parking lots have been experiencing difficulties with issuance of monthly parking permits for the month of August. Due to the recent resignation of the individual responsible for parking operations, combined with the malfunction of the parking kiosks at the beginning of August, there have been numerous complaints and requests for assistance to which the City has been unable to respond in as timely a manner as we would have liked. Because no other person on staff had access to the parking software, we have been attempting to resolve the problem with the company that provides service to the kiosks, as well as Parkmobile, the permit issuing company.

We are also compiling all email and voicemail requests on this issue in order to respond to customer inquiries. We apologize for the delay, but we do intend to respond to each call and email.

Until the problem has been resolved, please note that the kiosk inside the Ferry Terminal is the only kiosk that will dispense a monthly parking permit. Also, purchase of monthly parking permit can be made online at the City of Vallejo website at

As noted on each parking kiosk, no refunds will be issued by the City for purchase of parking permits.

The point of contact for this issue is Brisa Rojas at 707 648 4316.


We are getting multiple complaints about the parking lots being full and ferry riders getting tickets:

Name: Judy G
Comment: Hi there — Where do you suggest riders park when ALL the ferry parking lots are full? I wanted to catch the 9:30 am boat and circled all the paid parking lots this morning at 9am and there’s not a single parking space. There were no security guards around to ask, and there were no signs that the lots were full so all the other riders were circling around today.

Street parking isn’t an option as they are all limited to either 2 or 3 hours.


Name: Kelly
Comment: Lately I have had to ride the 10:30 ferry and arrive at 10:00 at the parking lots to allow plenty of time to park, etc. The last three times I drove to all of the parking lots and there were no spaces available. Other vehicles were just circling also. I ended up having to park on the dirt or miss a ferry, which I cannot do, and received a ticket. I was not alone. While looking for parking, I could not find any assistance to ask if there was any overflow parking, etc. I pay a monthly parking fee and believe I should have a parking space available. I have noticed other vehicles parking in the same spot and getting tickets obviously because they too could not find parking. Is something being done about this?

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