Kid Supervision on the Ferry

Sitting outside on the ferry is a great way to get fresh air, and enjoy a certain amount of peach and quiet. There are a group of diehard outside ferry riders. It can be colder than a well diggers’s ass, raining, hot, foggy and crowded, doesn’t matter. We like sitting outside.

Some days, such as this morning however there are those who try our patience. There’s a group of 10-13 year olds initially supervised by a teacher or parent, who are a just a tiny bit noisy. I know… the kids are excited. It’s a big adventure for them to be headed into the city, and to be on a ferry in San Francisco Bay. But the door going to the outside deck has slammed a hundred or more times, and the kids are getting louder and louder. The parent or teacher left the deck half an hour ago, and the crew member who was outside for all of five minutes is gone also.

Groups of kids need to be supervised on the boat. Either a parent or teacher needs to always be with them, or a crew member needs to be when they come out. It’s easy with all the grab ass going on for someone to lose their footing on the wet deck and perhaps go over the railing, or slip and fall on a deck that has some pretty knarly non-slip grit on the deck. That would result in some nasty raspberries.

In short, kid supervision on the ferry would appear to be pretty important if only to keep the regulars from committing mutiny.

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