Vallejo Ferry Parking Lot Crime

It has been brought to our attention that there was a mugging – robbery in one of the Vallejo Ferry Parking Lots this week February 27, 2014. Details are sketchy, but we are investigating to get more information so as to help folks stay safe when in the parking lots and garage for the ferry.

We believe were told that a male ferry rider was returning to his car in the far southern lot (now it is unclear which lot this crime happened) just to the right of the ferry parking garage. We think it was dark. (will update as soon as we know more.) According to the friend of a friend, the male was attacked and injured by three assailants. The victim suffered a broken arm and other injuries.

So far we have been unable to corroborate this story with the Vallejo Police Department or with the City of Vallejo. We will continue to gather information and post here.

All of the lots are lit by street lights, and some are patrolled more often than others. Most often you can find security in and around the parking garage, though if it were me, I’d never count on security being more than just a presence.

Vallejo Ferry Parking Lot Crime is nothing new. Over the years we’ve seen vehicles broken into, stolen and vandalized. We’ve also seen a rash of catalytic converters cut off in the parking lots, and there have been occasional reports of muggings and robberies and assaults.

Some thoughts about staying safe:

1. Be vigilant and stay aware of your surroundings. This doesn’t mean be paranoid and think that there is a boogie man behind every bush, but to pay attention to that person lurking over in the corner or by that car. Look around on the way to your vehicle and on the way to your ferry.

2. Do not be distracted by newspaper, mobile phone or day dream when in the parking areas.

3. Park in well lit areas if you are going to be commuting during dark hours.

4. Arrive early, and make your way from and to the parking lot with others.

5. Don’t be a hero.

6. Seek training in Martial Arts or other self defense techniques. We have friends training in Jujutsu in Vallejo and we think they have a pretty good idea of how to defend themselves.

7. Do not leave any personal belongings visible in your vehicles.

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