Vallejo Waterfront Smell

What on earth is that Vallejo Waterfront Smell?

Last night I came out of the Modern Warrior Arts Academy where we practice Seibukan Jujutsu on Georgia Street, not far from the waterfront and the smell hit us like a brick wall. There was a stench of raw sewage barreling down on us. It wasn’t at all a subtle smell. Now some reports suggest it may be an algae bloom in the Napa River, but I’ve never smelled Algae Blooms that smelled like crap.

Of course the local newspaper never does come up with a reasonable answer.

The Vallejo Water Front smells bad, why? And how in the heck are we to rebuild the downtown area with the smell like this?

Vallejo Ferry riders and commuters will probably have to run to the side of the boat and let it hurl.

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