Vallejo Ferry Snacks and Drinks

Once on board the Vallejo Ferry, commuters, casual riders, and Giants Fans will find that for the most part, the ride back and forth from Vallejo to San Francisco is comfortable, and a joy.

The Vallejo Baylink Ferry has a snack bar with various drinks, and snacks.

Currently the Vallejo Ferry Serves the following drinks and snacks:

  • Domestic and Imported Beers including Becks, Lagunitas, Corona, etc. California has amazing beers, why not skip the European and Mexican beers?
  • Wine – Various Red and White Wines sold by the cup
  • Mixed Cocktails – Bloody Mary’s, Whisky, Vodka etc
  • Various Soft Drinks – including Coke, Seven Up etc. – Would be nice to see some alternative natural Soda’s
  • Fresh Brewed Coffee – Crying shame that the Vallejo Ferry doesn’t serve locally roasted coffee from Moschetti

Snacks including:

  • Chips
  • Peanuts
  • Crackers
  • Candy

In the past the Baylink Ferry sold hot pretzels. You’d think the Ferry would offer fresh popped popcorn, hotdogs, and perhaps alternative snacks including bananas, and apples or other fruit that is in season.

I guarantee that if popcorn were being made fresh on each leg of the journey that ferry ridership would buy popcorn, and since popcorn is salty, there would be an increase in drinks being sold.

Wifi Internet Connection on the Ferry

The Baylink Ferry offers Wifi Internet connection on both legs of the trip, during commute hours and non-commute hours, weekday and weekends, and during San Francisco Giant’s games. It is free, however it is very spotty and most days cannot be counted on to function. Sometimes the Wifi part is broken, and sometimes it’s the cell phone part, and often it’s both parts broken that render the Wifi experience frustrating and annoying. Don’t count on getting email or surfing the web. And all it takes is one or two people watching movies to render the while experience operation impossible.

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